If you visit FormificioVeregra Website, you can visit the web and you can remain anonymous. FormificioVeregra uses cookies and similar devices to collect non-personal information about users of the F.V. Websites, such as a user's IP address, the type of web browser and operating system being used and/or the pages of the website a user visits. FormificioVeregra collects this information in order to process online purchases, to monitor usage of the F.V. Websites and to improve aspects of the websites, or to allow a third party to conduct such activities on F.V. behalf.

Disclosure of Your Personal Information

You may access and modify all your personal information. You may ask Formificio Veregra to correct, update or delete information you have provided to Formificio Veregra by sending an email or write it to:

Via Dante Alighieri 5
63014 Montegranaro (AP) - ITALY

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